Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Webinar


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Duration: Approximately 42 minutes

Free Handouts Available for Download During the Webcast Are: The detailed PowerPoint presentation used during the webcast and sample “I speak” cards.

Webcast Description:

This popular webcast provides an informative overview of how to comply with the nondiscrimination mandates of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VI applies to the administration, oversight, and delivery process of all state and local programs and activities that are federally-assisted. In this webcast, we’ll focus on the scope and meaning of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and we will touch on a variety of compliance-related issues, including environmental justice, serving limited English proficient populations, contracting and procurement, discrimination complaints, harassment and hostile environment, training, monitoring, and data collection. Participants will understand the meaning of race, color, and national origin-based discrimination through Ms. Foster’s use of a variety of easy-to-understand examples. And, participants will learn about surprising federal enforcement policies to include certain types of religious-based discrimination as prohibited under Title VI.

Developed for: Whether you are new to the field, or need refresher training, this webcast is designed for state and local government officials from any size agency or department, such as equal opportunity officers, Title VI liaisons, Title VI compliance officers, Title VI coordinators, agency heads, legal counsel, and contracting and procurement personnel. Also, management and equal opportunity professionals for private companies and other organizations that contract with state and local governments to operate federally-assisted programs and activities will find this webcast extremely useful. Whether you receive funding directly from a federal agency, or indirectly through a state or local agency, the federal civil rights requirements discussed in the webcast apply to you.

Once you have completed this webcast and understand the requirements of the federal civil rights laws that apply to your programs, and if you are responsible for conducting discrimination complaint investigations in these programs, we recommend that you take our course titled, “Discrimination Complaint Investigations under the Workforce Investment Act: Proper Process and Technique.” The sound investigative processes and techniques discussed in this webcast are easily applied to discrimination complaint investigations conducted in any federally-assisted program or activity.


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