Conducting Discrimination Complaint Investigations under WIOA Section 188: Proper Process and Technique


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Duration: Approximately 39 minutes

Free Handouts Available for Download During the Webcast Are: The detailed PowerPoint presentation used during the webcast, a credibility determinations job aid, and a full set of WIOA Section 188 discrimination complaint templates, including a sample discrimination complaint form and consent form, jurisdiction checklist, complaint investigation plans, and sample notices and letters.

Webcast Description:

This webcast covers the discrimination complaint investigation process from start to finish, including determining jurisdiction, developing a complaint investigation plan, framing the issue of an investigation, developing interrogatories, preparing a letter of acceptance, gathering and analyzing information, interviewing the parties and witnesses, and writing the notice of final action. Each participant of this webcast will receive a set of templates that they may customize and use for their investigations, including a jurisdiction checklist, sample complaint investigation plans, sample notices rejecting a complaint, a sample letter of acceptance, and a sample notice of final action.

Participants also are encouraged to purchase our book titled, Discrimination Complaint Investigations under the Workforce Investment Act and other Title VI-Related Laws: From Intake to Final Determination. This 5-star rated guide contains numerous examples, sample questions for the parties, and detailed explanations of how to efficiently and effectively conduct and resolve or close a discrimination complaint investigation.

The electronic book is available for $9.99 per copy through iPad, Nook, Kindle, or the publisher at

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Developed for: WIOA Equal Opportunity (EO) officers, Title VI coordinators, Title VI compliance officers, Title VI liaisons, and any other equal opportunity professionals responsible for conducting investigations of, and resolving, discrimination complaints involving federally-assisted programs and activities. While this webcast uses the nondiscrimination provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 as the source of examples, the material in this webcast is equally applicable when conducting discrimination complaint investigations in any federally-assisted program or activity.

Through this webcast, equal opportunity professionals are provided the process and tools they need to get their jobs done efficiently and competently.


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