Dear Stakeholder Community,

I am pleased to announce that Michele Hodge is OFCCP’s new career Deputy Director, she started in her new role on August 16, 2021.

Michele has been with OFCCP for 32 years and has served in various leadership roles, including currently as OFCCP Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and previously as the New Jersey District Office Director.  She has also previously served as a Deputy Regional Director for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions and Acting Regional Director for the Northeast Region. Her in-depth knowledge of the agency and extensive experience resolving systemic discrimination cases has been invaluable and will serve the agency well as she steps into her new role.

Having served as Acting Deputy Director from April – June 2021, Michele is well positioned to carry out the Administration’s priorities focused on equity and strengthening workers’ rights. I look forward to working with Michele in her new role as Deputy Director for OFCCP!

I also want to recognize and thank Diana Sen for serving as Acting Deputy Director for the past several weeks. She graciously served as Acting Deputy Director until August 14, 2021.


Jenny R. Yang

OFCCP Director