The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and its Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program (INAERP) are committed to supporting federal contractors’ efforts to foster outreach and inclusion of Native Americans in the workplace.

In September 2019, we conducted a successful Native American Outreach Town Hall event and identified three action plan items to increase program awareness, provide compliance assistance and identify contractor resources. The agency made these deliverables a priority for Fiscal Year 2020 and we are pleased to announce the new INAERP landing page, which highlights the following:

The new page highlights the following:

The Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program has updated its webpage to easily find information and resources to assist contractors with their outreach efforts with Native Americans.
We added a list of “Best Practices” for creating an inclusive workplace for Native Americans that includes strategies to make your diversity and inclusion programs successful. It also includes an excellent reference of stakeholder resources.
We also added new “Indian Preference Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” that respond to stakeholder questions received during the town hall event. The FAQs will be updated regularly to add new questions received from stakeholders.

OFCCP’s INAERP staff are available to answer your questions and help your company locate Native American recruitment sources that align with your employment needs. Contact INAERP directly at 1-844-206-1836 or