To help contractors prepare for compliance checks, OFCCP recently launched a new webpage that provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a copy of the letter that contractors receive when they are scheduled for a compliance check. View the new webpage here.

A compliance check is a type of compliance evaluation in which OFCCP seeks to determine whether the contractor has maintained certain records: prior year AAP results, job advertisements (including state employment service listings), and examples of accommodations for individuals with disabilities. We will conduct these records checks either on or off site, depending on the contractor’s preference. OFCCP will provide compliance assistance to help contractors with recordkeeping mistakes found during a compliance check.

To see if your establishment may be scheduled for a compliance check soon, review OFCCP’s FY2019 Supply and Service Scheduling List. This list is current and shows which federal contractors may be selected for a compliance check or some other type of compliance evaluation.

OFCCP will update the new webpage in the future to address new questions and provide useful resources, as the agency begins conducting compliance checks regularly. OFCCP strongly encourages contractors to subscribe to OFCCP Email Updates to receive the most up to date information regarding compliance checks and other FAQs.