March is Women’s History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions women make both in and out of the workplace.

Women account for 47% of the American workforce, with 57% of all American women currently participating in the labor force. It goes without saying that today’s economy depends heavily on the efforts and achievements made by women across the country.

Every day women are working to move America forward, and OFCCP is committed to supporting them along the way. At OFCCP, we’re passionate about ensuring that women are treated with equity and respect in the hiring process and in the workplace.

Since 2017, OFCCP has obtained over $22,930,000 in monetary relief for women who experienced unlawful gender discrimination in the workplace.

In 2016, OFCCP revamped our Sex Discrimination Final Rule to ensure that our compliance guidelines reflect existing law and the realities of today’s workforce and workplaces. That involved updating the sex discrimination guidelines, promoting fair pay practices, equalizing access to workforce development opportunities and much more.

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