OFCCP just issued a new directive to establish the Voluntary Enterprise-wide Review Program (VERP). Here’s what federal contractors should know:

What is VERP?

The VERP directive creates the framework of a completely voluntary compliance program for high-performing federal contractors. VERP is part of a broader effort by OFCCP to find innovative ways for ensuring federal contractors comply with equal employment opportunity laws corporate-wide.

What is the benefit in participating?

For contractors who want to be recognized for their comprehensive, corporate-wide inclusion and compliance programs, VERP provides an alternative to OFCCP’s establishment-based evaluations. OFCCP will remove accepted participants from the neutral process the agency uses to schedule establishment-based compliance evaluations for up to 5 years.

How do I participate in VERP?

OFCCP plans to begin accepting applications from federal contractors in the coming year. Part of the application process will include a compliance review of the contractor’s headquarters location and a subset of establishments. Be on the lookout for a message later this year on how to apply.

To read the VERP directive, click here.