OFCCP joins our Department of Labor colleagues in wishing you and your family a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today we are reminded of Dr. King’s enduring legacy, and of the sacrifices he and other civil rights leaders made in the pursuit of a more equal society.

Dr. King’s commitment to equality is deeply embedded in the mission of OFCCP. Thanks to our efforts on behalf of American workers, OFCCP expands equal employment opportunities and eliminates discrimination in the workplace every year.

Over the past two fiscal years, OFCCP secured more than $40 million in recoveries for 23,669 American workers, which is the most in a two-year period in OFCCP’s history.

OFCCP remains committed to its effective enforcement approach, which prioritizes bringing strong cases supported by both quantitative and qualitative evidence of discrimination, thereby benefiting the most workers.

All of us have a role to play in ensuring Dr. King’s dream is fully realized. At OFCCP we’re determined to do our part as we continue to work with contractors and our partners in building more inclusive and equitable workplaces for all Americans.

You can learn more about OFCCP’s mission and the work we do by visiting our website.