WHAT is a FAAP? OFCCP knows from listening to stakeholders that an affirmative action program only covering employees in one building at a specific geographical location does not always reflect how business actually operates.

Affirmative action programs based on functional units, or FAAPs, may provide a better option. FAAPs can span geographical locations, freeing federal contractors from the traditional establishment-based model when employees who work together are not located in the same building.

WHAT’s new? Yesterday, OFCCP proposed changes that reduce burden for contractors in the FAAP program. You can learn more about the program, and the proposed changes to it, by reading a notice in the Federal Register and a draft of the revised FAAP Directive.

WHO should use a FAAP? OFCCP encourages all contractors who need to develop an AAP to consider using a FAAP. As always, OFCCP will be available to assist contractors before, during, and after the standard FAAP review process.

HOW can I give OFCCP feedback on the FAAP program? We would like to hear your thoughts on how the FAAP program could be improved to work better for you. To share your thoughts, please submit comments via www.regulations.gov.

Comments on this proposal must be submitted on or before November 13, 2018.