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Aug. 7, 2018


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will hold its Executive Leadership Training Conference (ELTC) on Oct. 29-31 at the Boar’s Head Resort Educa­tional Campus in Charlottesville, Va., the federal agency announced today.

This year’s ELTC is designed to give participants skills to build high-performance teams that are innovative, adaptable and able to successfully cross-collaborate to produce targeted results. Agile leaders are able to create teams that are analytical, have strong values, and a sense of connectedness with team members and other stakeholders. To learn more about ELTC or for registration and exhibitor information visit us at

The ELTC meets the professional development needs of senior leaders in the field of equal employment opportunity (EEO), Human Resources (HR) and diversity and inclusion (D&I). Training will address key leadership competencies; personal development and critically important topics vital to the success of current and future executives – particularly senior EEO officials for federal, state and local governments; private sector EEO executives; HR executives with responsibility for managing and implementing an EEO program; as well as those striving to attain senior level positions.

“ELTC is a cost-effective and modest investment in the executive leadership skills necessary to run a successful EEO program,” said Carlton M. Hadden, director of EEOC’s Office of Federal Oper­ations. “This training will directly address core leadership competencies, ensuring that EEO profes­sionals have the executive training necessary to meet the challenges of our profession.”

ELTC offers many learning opportunities throughout the three days. Day One begins with a workshop on political savvy led by Vanessa Phipps of The Future Force Group, LLC, followed by a networking opportunity to engage in more interpersonal dialogue. Day Two includes remarks on managing up from leadership expert Mary Abbajay, president and founder of Careerstone Group, LLC, followed by Bridging the Gap Cooperative Group Challenges that sharpen performance by calling leaders to use their creativity and problem-solving skills. Day Three leadership trainings include University of Virginia presenter Pete Ronayne, discussing leadership and innovation; John Lord of Lord/Thompson Associates, discussing values-based leadership, and John Whitlow of JHW Consulting Services, discussing strategies to build teamwork. Registration is limited to GS-14 level and above, as well as GS-13 level employees who demonstrate exceptional potential for leadership, and private sector equivalents.

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