Is your agency interested in proactively managing workforce changes to improve long-term organizational and employee performance? Learn about knowledge management (KM) strategies to retain institutional knowledge in advance of retirements, provide development opportunities to current employees, and attract new talent in this one-hour free webinar from the National Transit Institute (NTI).

NTI will host a webinar from 2-3 p.m. ET Tuesday, March 27 that features research from the Transit Cooperative Research Program’s recently published Research Report 194: Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit Agencies. Participants should register in advance.

This webinar will explore KM, an organization’s process for collecting, storing, and sharing organizational information and knowledge. Presenters will provide guidance on KM tools such as action plans for developing aspects of KM; analysis of KM strategies at several transit agencies; and a catalog KM technology tools and resources.

Candace Cronin, ICF
Allison Alexander, ICF

For questions about the session, contact Lori Glickman.

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