Careers in the Arts Dialogue Starts Today Through December 15
Today through December 15, you’re invited to participate in an ePolicyWorks online dialogue hosted by ODEP and the National Endowment for the Arts. This dialogue will gather valuable input on ways to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts. Feedback from this dialogue will inform NEA’s effort to create a comprehensive toolkit to help students and job seekers with disabilities thrive in careers in the arts. Please join this crowdsourcing event to submit your ideas, votes, and comments on the strategies, challenges, and solutions that will help create better employment opportunities.

ODEP Publishes #ApprenticeshipWorks Guides
Apprenticeship is a growing strategy for connecting more workers with the skills they need to get jobs. ODEP’s efforts in apprenticeship promote inclusive program models that fulfill employer needs by attracting a diverse array of candidates, including people with disabilities. ODEP released its #ApprenticeshipWorks Guides for Youth, Educators/Service Providers, and Business which introduce each stakeholder group to the benefits and opportunities of inclusive apprenticeship. ODEP published a blog about apprenticeships and disability, titled “Apprenticeship and the American Dream.” The blog examines the many advantages of apprenticeships in today’s economy for both employers and employees, including individuals with disabilities.

Two New Posts from the Ask JAN Blog
The Job Accommodation Network has posted two new blogs. In a piece titled “Breaking the Mold with Workplace Accommodations,” Brittany Lambert, Consultant on the JAN Sensory and Cognitive/Neurological Teams, discusses the topic of accommodating employees with mold allergies. In “Observations from the 2017 Harkin Summit,” Lou Orslene, JAN Co-Director, reflects on his attendance at the Harkin Summit on Global Disability Employment, held November 2-3, 2017. The Summit brought together employers, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and others to focus on the employment of people with disabilities.

JAN Releases Latest “Consultants’ Corner” on Disability Awareness Training
Through the Job Accommodation Network’s “Consultants’ Corner,” JAN consultants provide advice and guidance on important issues related to accommodations in the workplace. In the latest feature, Melanie Whetzel, Lead Consultant on the JAN Cognitive/Neurological Team, highlights the situations that may arise with co-workers when an employee receives an accommodation. Since employers cannot disclose disability-related information about an employee to others, sometimes misunderstandings can occur when someone appears to be receiving “special” treatment. Whetzel presents several solutions, including providing disability awareness training to all employees and informing them of their right to accommodations should they need them.

New ODEP Policies in Practice Profile — John Winfrey
John Winfrey is a Senior Technical Account Manager and Cloud Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft. John, who is legally blind, leads a team that supports government sector clients. He is also a Section 508 coordinator, helping ensure that Microsoft products are accessible to everyone. At work, he uses magnification software and large screen monitors as accommodations. In his spare time, John is a volunteer with the Knights of Columbus, and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

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