People who are homeless often use public transit vehicles or facilities as shelters to stay out of the weather and be safe. Transit agency staff trying to manage the various impacts of homeless riders should plan to attend a webinar at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, June 8 that will feature a recent Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) report, Transit Agency Practices Interacting with People Who Are Homeless.

The webinar will explore effective practices, approaches, and outcomes within the transit industry regarding interactions with people who are homeless, through discussion of:

Public library experiences
How transit agencies have interacted with people who are homeless over time
Findings from a survey of transit agencies
Case examples in six cities, including:
Fort Worth Transportation Authority (Ft. Worth, Texas)
Metro Transit (Madison, WI)
Bay Area Rapid Transit (Oakland, CA)
SEPTA (Philadelphia, PA)
Valley Metro (Phoenix, AZ)
WMATA (Washington, DC)

FTA sponsors the Transit Cooperative Research Program to develop and apply innovative solutions and adapt technologies and approaches that help meet the demands placed on the nation’s public transit systems.

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