DOL’s Equal Treatment rule, published on April 4, 2016, and effective May 4, 2016, amended DOL’s existing rule at 29 CFR Part 2 Subpart D by prohibiting all recipients of DOL funding from discriminating on the basis of religion. In addition, the rule requires religious organizations that are recipients of direct DOL funding offering services within the US to give beneficiaries a notice of their protections. That notice advises beneficiaries that the organization may not discriminate against the beneficiary on the basis of religion and that if the beneficiary objects to the religious character of the organization, then the organization must promptly make a reasonable effort to provide a referral to an alternative provider. The notice also advises beneficiaries of their right to file a complaint with the CRC for denial of service or a violation of the rule. (See Fact Sheet: Information on how to file a complaint with CRC can be found on CRC’s website