OSC electronic charge form now available in 11 languages

The Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices (OSC) in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is pleased to announce that members of the public can now complete and submit charge forms online through OSC’s website in Arabic, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese in addition to English and Spanish. The public can continue to submit charge forms by mail, fax, and email as well.

If you have any questions or if you suspect employment discrimination based on citizenship, immigration status, or national origin, we encourage you to contact OSC’s worker hotline at 1-800-255-7688 (Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm EST), or 1-800-237-2515 (TTY for hearing impaired).


Friday, September 30, 2016

The Justice Department announced that the developers and designers of 31 apartment buildings in or near Helena, Montana, have agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that the buildings were not built to be accessible to people with disabilities, as required by the Fair Housing Act.

The Justice Department announced that Wells Fargo Bank N.A., doing business as Wells Fargo Dealer Services, has agreed to change its policies and pay over $4.1 million to resolve allegations that it violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) by repossessing 413 cars owned by protected service members without obtaining a court order.

The Justice Department announced a settlement with Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan, resolving allegations that the township violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA) in denying zoning approval to allow the Michigan Islamic Academy (MIA) to build a school on a vacant parcel of land.

The Justice Department announced that Charter Bank of Corpus Christi, Texas, will maintain uniform pricing policies and pay more than $165,000 as part of a settlement to resolve allegations that it engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination on the basis of national origin.

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the owners and operators of 360 Midtown, a bar and nightclub located in Houston, alleging that the defendants discriminated against African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American patrons in violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The Justice Department announced that a Johnstown, Pennsylvania, landlord has agreed to pay $30,000 to resolve allegations that he discriminated against families with children in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

The Justice Department announced that the owners and managers of four multi-family apartment complexes in the Salt Lake City area have agreed to pay $45,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging that they violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against tenants and prospective tenants with disabilities.

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that the United States has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Ginsburg Development Companies to require it to remedy conditions at two properties in Rockland County to make them accessible to people with disabilities and to ensure that four properties under construction by Ginsburg Development in Westchester County will be accessible.