We hope you saw last week’s announcement about the Administration’s latest plans to increase access to apprenticeship. Please see below for more information. We would like to invite you to a conference call on Tuesday at 12 pm EST to learn more.

Tuesday, April 26th
Call-in Information: 888-677-5735
Passcode: 6009888

Please note this call is off the record and not for press purposes.
Thank you,
Office of Public Engagement


DOL will be using the $90 million provided by bipartisan agreement for new investments through ApprenticeshipUSA to expand Registered Apprenticeship in the United States including the following:

• $60 million to support state strategies to expand Registered Apprenticeship, including funding for regional industry partnerships and innovative strategies that diversify apprenticeship locally;
• $30 million to catalyze industry partnerships in fast-growing and high-tech industries, to support organizations focused on increasing diversity, and to launch national efforts to make it easier for employers to start and for workers to find apprenticeship opportunities.

The Department of Labor is also announcing a first step in investing in state apprenticeship strategies. Recognizing Governors’ unique ability to create statewide strategies to expand Registered Apprenticeship, the Department is making up to $9.5 million available for ApprenticeshipUSA State Accelerator Grants, for states to develop strategic plans and build partnerships for apprenticeship expansion and diversification.

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