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The Department of Labor is asking for public comments on a proposed rule that would increase consumer protections when employer-sponsored plans decide claims and appeals for disability benefits. The proposal would better align the rules for disability benefits with the claims requirements already in place for health benefits under the Affordable Care Act, help employees protect against inappropriate denials of disability benefits, and increase public confidence in the fairness of the claims and appeals processes in employer-sponsored plans providing disability benefits. Comments will be accepted through January 19, 2016, and will be considered by EBSA when preparing the final rule.

You may submit written comments through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at or by email to When commenting by email, please include RIN 1210–AB39 in the subject line of the message. Public comments are posted and made available to the public. You should not include information in a comment that you do not want publicly disclosed. For example, some people do not want personally identifiable information (such as their name, address, or other contact information) or confidential business information posted on a public website or otherwise publicly disclosed.

For further information, you can contact Frances P. Steen, Office of Regulations and Interpretations, Employee Benefits Security Administration, (202) 693-8500. This is not a toll free number.