This week marked OFCCP’s 50th Anniversary. Today we celebrated the Agency by having an event at the Department Labor to commemorate the past, present, and future of our work. We also had the opportunity to launch our Class Member Locator. Please find the video here:

The Class Member Locator new website is designed to help OFCCP locate affected class members and also provide individuals, who believe that they may be part of a class, to learn about the case by reading a brief summary, a redacted Conciliation Agreement, and press release, if available. In addition, the website provides regional email accounts and 1-800 numbers so that individuals can directly contact OFCCP if they have questions or need assistance.

This site will only be effective if we all do our part to spread the word about it. Please help us with our outreach by sharing the video on social media and telling your networks. We want to generate enough visibility around this site so that we are able to locate 100% of the applicants and workers who are negatively impacted by workplace discrimination.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to check out OFCCP’s 50th Anniversary page at Our new website includes videos, a timeline of our history, as well as blog posts by several of our former directors.

For more information, go to