NTI will be holding three additional Environmental Justice training courses in Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA and Seattle, WA. Dates for the courses are below:

February 18-19, 2015 Atlanta, GA
April 22-23, 2015 Philadelphia, PA
May 14-15, 2015 Seattle, WA

Development of this training is sponsored by FTA’s Office of Planning and Environment in cooperation with the National Transit Institute. The training is intended to serve as guidance for practitioners, reviewers, and grantees on effective ways for integrating the consideration of Environmental Justice impacts throughout the transportation planning and project development / NEPA processes.

This training is designed to meet the needs of our grantees, while satisfying the requirements of Executive Order 12898 and U.S. DOT Order 5610.2(a) on Environmental Justice.

If interested in the course, please sign up at: http://ntionline.com/courses/courseinfo.php?id=272