Next week, many people across America will celebrate Thanksgiving by taking stock of their blessings — friends, family and the freedom to pursue their life and career goals. Fittingly, the holiday takes place during Military Family Month, a time when we express appreciation for the men and women who work to protect that freedom and the many spouses, parents, children and siblings who support them.

One of the best ways to express appreciation for military families is to ensure that uniformed service members — including those who have acquired disabilities — have the opportunity to put their hard-earned skills and real-world experience to work when they transition to civilian life.

In fact, many of the qualities businesses, both large and small, seek in employees — the ability to adapt, learn quickly and get the job done — exemplify veterans, including those with visible or non-visible disabilities. Yet, like people with disabilities overall, veterans with disabilities are often overlooked for jobs, despite many employers’ expressed desire to hire them.

Employers can access a variety of local services to identify qualified veterans, including veterans with disabilities. Of course, it’s also important to support veterans once on the job. To help, the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Job Accommodation Network (JAN) offers a variety of materials, including information about accommodations that can enhance productivity for veterans with particular conditions.

Useful for businesses of all sizes in all industries, these resources can help foster a veteran-friendly workplace and offer a way to express gratitude — this month and every month — to those who have sacrificed in service in the name of freedom, and to their families.

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