Conference Board Blog Features Assistant Secretary Martinez

Writing on the blog site of the Conference Board, assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy Kathy Martinez speaks about the importance of multiple perspectives to successful businesses. Says Martinez, “Today, more than ever, businesses need people with the ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances. They need people who think divergently. They need people who think diversely.”

Assistant Secretary Martinez Speaks at the National Urban League Conference

Addressing a crowd of more than 200 attendees at the National Urban League (NUL) conference on July 25 in Philadelphia, assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy Kathy Martinez discussed the importance of economic empowerment and high expectations for people with disabilities, including youth. Noted Martinez, “Our missions intersect—not just because we both advocate for civil rights, but also because many of the challenges our stakeholders face are the same.” Martinez also referenced ODEP’s Campaign for Disability Employment, in which NUL is a participant.

National Industry Liaison Group Welcomes Department of Labor Speakers

Assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy Kathy Martinez spoke to the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) conference on August 1 in Indianapolis, where she talked about ODEP policies and programs that support disability as part of diversity. Also speaking at the conference was Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Director Patricia Shiu, who gave the opening address on July 31.

ODEP Policy Advisor Discusses Social Media Accessibility

Speaking to FedScoop, ODEP policy advisor Mario Damiani addressed the interest of the federal community in social media accessibility. Said Damiani “In the past nine months, the conversation has really taken off. It’s very satisfying to be in front of fresh faces and see them really light up when they realize, ‘Wow, I haven’t thought of that before.'” The article also mentions the second version of ODEP’s social media toolkit, due out soon.

Job Accommodation Network Explores Vocational Psychiatric Rehabilitation

A recent post on the Job Accommodation Network blog, entitled “JAN and Vocational Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs Provide Complementary Employment Supports,” explores the features of these programs, which seek to assist people in mental health recovery with finding and maintaining employment, among other life goals.

US Business Leadership Network® and US Chamber of Commerce Hold Corporate Disability Employment Summit

The US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®) and the US Chamber of Commerce held a corporate disability employment summit on July 25, which focused on disability inclusion employment practices. The two organizations issued a joint report entitled “Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion” that highlights specific strategies for businesses to follow to create a diverse workforce, supply chain and marketplace.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Releases Youth Employment Rate Numbers for July 2013

Employment data for youth with and without disabilities is obtained from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly survey of households conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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