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The recurring training webinar titled ‘Sexual Harassment at Educational Institutions: An Overview of Policies and Preventive Measures’, provides information for equal opportunity, human resource, and affirmative action personnel at colleges and universities as well as the leadership, policy-makers, faculty, staff, and students

[Washington DC October 8, 2012] Seena Foster, attorney and award winning author of ‘Civil Rights Investigations Under The Workforce Investment Act And Other Title VI-Related Laws’, recently announced the next date for ‘Sexual Harassment at Educational Institutions: An Overview of Policies and Preventive Measures’, an online webinar that provides information on developing policies and implementing preventative measures to prevent sexual harassment at educational institutions. The webinar will be presented on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 1pm EST.

In the course of this webinar, Ms. Foster will use the sexual harassment case involving Jerry Sandusky and Penn State as an example of some concrete steps any educational institution can take in developing policies and implementing specific measures to address and prevent sexual harassment. The events leading up to the conviction of Mr. Sandusky involved use of university facilities to engage in sexual behavior with minors. The scope of this webinar, however, will be broader. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act (Title IX) prohibits gender-based discrimination in federally assisted educational programs and activities. Quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile sexual environment (including bullying) constitute forms of gender-based discrimination, and a college or university that fails to properly and adequately respond to such allegations violates Title IX and is at risk of losing its federal assistance. This federal assistance includes grants, loans, and tuition payments made with federal funds, to name a few examples. Through the webinar, Ms. Foster will help participants better understand the concepts of quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile sexual environment, and will cover some nuts-and-bolts policies, procedures, and preventative measures any college or university can develop to properly address allegations of sexual harassment and minimize its occurrence.

“Sexual harassment,” stated Ms. Foster, “at colleges and universities is a very real concern. It affects every campus, small or large, across the country and the advent of technologies such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have only compounded the challenges faced by leadership at these institutions in navigating the handling of sexual harassment complaints. In fact, many campus professionals are at a loss as to how to properly recognize and resolve sexual harassment complaints and, often, they don’t have measures in place to prevent harassment from occurring in the first place. The nationally-recognized trial involving Jerry Sandusky and Penn State’s response to allegations of sexual harassment shed light on how critical this complex issue has become. That is why we developed this webinar. Keeping leadership, policymakers, faculty, and staff up-to-date in this area of the law is critical to the health of any institution of higher learning. Our training has been described as “top-of-the-line” and that is what we deliver the participants of this Webinar.”

Participants can get more information and register for the webinar by visiting and clicking on the ‘Webinar’ tab.
Ms. Foster is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at ‘Civil Rights Investigations Under The Workforce Investment Act And Other Title VI-Related Laws’ is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble through More information is available at Seena Foster’s website.


Seena Foster, award winning author and Partner of the discrimination consulting firm, Title VI Consulting, LLP in Alexandria, Virginia, provides expertise and guidance in the areas of compliance and civil rights investigations to state and local governments, colleges and universities, private companies, and non-profit organizations. To that end, she offers one hour webinars, full-day and half-day in-person training sessions, and mediation services addressing a variety of types of discrimination such as racial discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, and religious discrimination. The federal law on discrimination is complex and affects our workplaces as well as the delivery of our federally funded programs and activities. Her book, “Civil Rights Investigations Under the Workforce Investment Act and Other Title VI Related Laws: From Intake to Final Determination”, has been described as an “eye-opening” reading experience and a “stand-alone” training resource. Ms. Foster’s resources and materials are designed to support the work of civil rights and discrimination professionals in the public and private sectors.


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