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This is the only book on the market that focuses on discrimination complaint investigations in Federally-assisted, public-facing programs and activities! In Civil Rights Investigations, Ms. Foster assembles a tremendous amount of information, presents it in an organized and easy-to-understand format, and delivers it to you along with practical and useful guidance.



One of the most important steps you can take to promote compliance with Federal civil rights laws is receiving initial and recurring training. We offer on-site and virtual workshops designed to take you through key compliance measures for your public-facing programs and activities as well as how to conduct discrimination complaint investigations and write final determinations.



As part of our Professional Development Series, we offer certificate-based webcast courses designed to help policymakers and professionals in the areas of equal opportunity, compliance, and complaint investigations gain a better understanding of the requirements of applicable Federal civil rights laws.


Procedures Writing

One of our most popular services is preparing policies and procedures to ensure nondiscriminatory delivery of your public-facing programs and activities along with consultation services, monitoring support, Website review, and discrimination complaint investigation support.

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We are dedicated to promoting nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in delivery of Federally-funded services, benefits, aid, and training to the public. We offer training, consultation, and policies and procedures packages covering a wide range of Federal civil rights compliance areas.