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Procedures Packages


Consultation Papers

Cost: $200.00 per hour 

One of our most popular services is the preparation of consultation papers.  Often, private counsel who advise state or local government agencies, government contractors, or private companies engaged in the delivery of federally-assisted programs or activities, will make special requests for consultation papers from us.  

For example, one attorney/customer requested that we provide a paper explaining the discrimination complaint processes, rights, and remedies available to a woman who alleged she suffered sexual harassment in the course of her work on a federally-assisted project.  On receipt of our consultation paper, the attorney/customer stated it was "very well-written," and the customer appreciated the "quick turnaround."

Our consultation papers do not serve as legal advice, nor do they serve as a substitute for legal research by individual attorneys.  These papers are not published to the Internet.  We do not provide legal representation to clients, and we do not serve as experts in litigation. Our services in preparing consultation papers are designed solely for the purpose of helping the customer better understand the civil rights laws governing particular federally-assisted programs and activities, i.e. how these laws apply, the discrimination complaint processes they establish, and the rights, remedies, corrective actions, and/or sanctions they provide.   

Discrimination complaint investigations

Cost: $200.00 per hour 

We can assist you with particularly complex or novel discrimination complaint investigations from start to finish. Numerous State and local equal opportunity professionals across the country have benefitted from our assistance in drafting letters of acceptance, framing investigation issues, creating complaint investigation plans, developing interrogatories, and writing final determinations, which are complete with findings of fact, analysis, and conclusions. In 2017, multiple State WIOA EO Officers described our discrimination complaint investigations support as "outstanding," "extremely helpful," and "terrific." 

Customized procedures packages for federally-assisted programs and activities

Cost: $200.00 per hour 

Developing detailed procedures to achieve compliance with federal civil rights laws on the ground is no easy task. This is true even if you've worked as an equal opportunity professional for years. And, the procedures you use for the workplace will not get the job done here.  So, save time and money and take advantage of our expertise!

While we offer a selection of specific packages promoting compliance under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and transit-related programs and activities, we also offer assistance developing policies and procedures for state and local agencies, contractors, and service providers that are part of the system of delivering other federally-assisted programs and activities.  

A Ph.D and Executive Director of an intercounty governmental department states:

"Your procedures document is very comprehensive and inclusive of all that I am aware that we need and beyond . . . it is a pleasure working with you." 

Our work is confidential.  We do not share the names of our customers with any entities. Each package is customized to meet your needs. The cost for development of these packages is $175.00 per hour, and time estimates for each package is set forth below.  

Each package covers the Federal civil rights compliance requirements applicable to the delivery of your federally-assisted programs and activities, and it serves to document your compliance.  

Our selection of packages: 

Below is a list of some packages we offer. State, city and county governments, community-based organizations, educational institutions, contractors, service providers, and other private companies involved in the delivery of federally-assisted, public-facing programs and activities have found our procedures development services particularly useful and cost-effective. 

Discrimination complaint policies and procedures 

This is our most extensive package. These procedures include the definition of a discrimination complaint, specific intake and referral instructions as well as specific procedures for processing a discrimination complaint from start to finish. This package also contains an explanation of the methods of filing a complaint, how to determine whether there is authority to investigate a complaint, and the types of complaints that may be received. The package further includes a series of templates for use at various stages of the discrimination complaint process, such as: (1) a jurisdiction checklist, (2) no jurisdiction letters, (3) notice of acceptance letter, (4) complaint investigation plans for disparate treatment and reasonable accommodation, and (5) a notice of final action letter. And, the package includes a consent to mediate form, a discrimination complaint form along with a consent form and notice of investigatory uses of personal information, and discrimination complaint log with instructions.  

Time Estimate: 13-15 hours 

Corrective actions and sanctions policies and procedures

You are required to have policies and procedures in place for establishing corrective actions and imposing sanctions.  This package provides you with those policies and procedures.  Three templates are included with this package as follows:  (1) a sample “Notice to Show Cause” for use when a recipient fails to cooperate; (2) a sample “Letter of Findings” for use when you find noncompliance after conducting monitoring or a compliance review; and (3) a sample “Final Determination:  Sanctions,” for use when the recipient fails to achieve compliance after being afforded an opportunity to do so.  Moreover, you will receive a table of examples of corrective actions and sanctions, which covers some of the most common areas of noncompliance, and what types of corrective actions and/or sanctions would be appropriate.   

Time Estimate: 10-12 hours  

Monitoring directive and checklists

Based on the civil rights laws that apply to your public-facing programs and activities, we can develop a monitoring tool covering items such as required posters, notices, taglines, assurances, review of participant files and electronic databases, and orientation sessions.  Each section starts with an explanation of what to look for, and why it is important.  Easy-to-use tables to record your findings are provided for each area under review.  And, you will receive a set of detailed procedures to be followed before, during, and after a monitoring event. 

Time Estimate: 10-12 hours 

Assurances, notices, taglines, and data collection directive

For this package, we develop a multi-page directive, which sets forth the specific, required "assurances" language applicable to your federally-assisted programs and activities as well as requirements pertaining to posters, notices, taglines, and data collection. We also set forth the types of documents that must contain the federally-required assurances.  A template with the "assurances" language is also provided for your use.  This comprehensive directive serves as a highly-useful compliance guide for recipients, service, providers, contractors, and any other entities that assist in delivery of your federally-assisted programs and activities.

Time Estimate: 8-10 hours 

Procedures related to collecting, using, storing, and disclosing medical information

Federal civil rights laws governing the handling of medical and disability-related information obtained in the course of delivering federally-assisted programs and activities are complex, and they differ depending on the nature of the program or activity at issue. In this package, we provide detailed guidance for gathering, using, disclosing, and storing medical information and, where needed, information about what you can (and cannot) ask each step of the way for the different programs and activities you offer. 

Time Estimate: 8-10 hours 

Policies and procedures for serving limited English proficient persons

This package contains procedures designed to ensure limited English proficient (LEP) persons have meaningful access to, and a meaningful opportunity to participate in, your federally-assisted programs and activities. Specific steps are set forth to describe how to greet a LEP person, and identify the native language of the LEP person. The package also provides guidance regarding providing interpretation services, and it contains detailed procedures for use in determining whether documents will be translated.  We also will provide links to low or no cost resources to assist your Equal Opportunity officers and staff in serving LEP populations.  

Time Estimate: 12-14 hours 

Policies and procedures for serving persons with disabilities

This package includes an accommodation request form tailored for use in your federally-assisted programs and activities as well as detailed procedures for handling these requests, including the criteria considered when assessing a disability-based accommodation request. You will also receive a template to use in granting or denying any disability-based accommodation request.  Moreover, the package includes specific procedures to assist you in serving persons with visual, speech, and hearing disabilities. And, we will provide contact information for certain additional resources to help you serve persons with disabilities.

Time Estimate: 8-10 hours

Religious accommodation policies and procedures

This package includes an accommodation request form tailored for use in your federally-assisted programs and activities as well as detailed procedures for handling religious-based accommodation requests, including a brief description of the common types of religious-based accommodation requests as well as the criteria considered when assessing such a request. And, you will receive a template to use in granting or denying religious-based accommodation requests.

Time Estimate: 8-10 hours

Web site review, document review, and procedures review

Cost: $200.00 per hour 

This is a very cost-effective compliance measure you can take with regard to the operation of your programs and activities. We review your Web site pages, any written materials you provide (e.g., recruitment and outreach brochures, contracts with service providers, advertisement scripts and written ads), and provide a checklist of specific measures you can take to comply with applicable civil rights laws, and to monitor subrecipients for compliance. Where requested, we will rework written materials, and provide you with specific cost-effective measures, including low or no cost solutions, to assist you in addressing any areas of noncompliance.  






Procedures Packages