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To order our award-winning publication, titled Civil Rights Investigations under the Workforce Investment Act and Other Title VI-Related Laws: From Intake to Final Determination in paperback at the cost of $19.99, go to www.outskirtspress.com/civilrights.  Or, by ordering through www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore and using keywords civil rights investigations, you will save 10% ordering 1-9 copies, and you'll save 25% for orders of 10 or more copies!

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Our Certificate-Based Webcast Program

Our "on-demand" webcasts are convenient, cost-effective, content-rich, and certificate-based.  Each webcast participant receives a personalized "Certificate of Completion" to document attendance at the training.  For more information about this program, please go to our "Webinar" tab, where you also will be able to register for one of our webcasts.  

On-site training 

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We offer customized full-day and half-day training to meet your needs.  If you are interested in our half-day or full-day workshops, go to our "Training" tab.  You'll have the opportunity to see some of the types of training we have conducted, what was included, and reviews by the participants.

Mediation services

Mediation serves an important purpose of allowing the parties to determine the outcome of their dispute.  Ms. Foster is a certified mediator who is experienced in assisting parties resolve complaints of discrimination.  For more information, go to our "Mediation" tab. 

Policies and procedures development, consultation services, and on-site visits

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If you are part of the system of delivering other federally-funded programs and activities, such as transit or transportation, health and human services, public housing, and the like, and you need assistance developing procedures, contact us at info@titleviconsulting.com.  We'll provide customized procedures in compliance with applicable federal civil rights laws to meet your needs.  Our rate for these services is $175.00 per hour. 

And, if you are interested in other consultation services, or on-site visits, to assist you in complying with federal civil rights laws, contact us at info@titleviconsulting.com.  There is an hourly charge of $175.00 for consultation services.

Payment Options

Payment for our training, consultation, mediation, procedures development, and webinar services may be made throughPayPal. Please note that PayPal offers an option for you to pay for our services and resources without having to register in PayPal; rather, you may use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card and pay as a "guest."  Or, you may elect to pay by check made payable to Title VI Consulting and mailed to Seena Foster, Title VI Consulting, 107 S. West St., PMB 713, Alexandria, VA 22314.   


Inquiries may be directed to info@titleviconsulting.com, or by mail to: Title VI Consulting, 107 South West Street, PMB 713, Alexandria, VA 22314. Be sure to include your contact information and the nature of your inquiry so that we may respond. We do not offer legal advice in specific complaint investigations, nor do we conduct such investigations.  

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Except for technical issues accessing our webcasts, to report a problem with this website, or a problem with any link, please submit your complaint to webfix@titleviconsulting.com

Our webcasts are hosted by Intercall at www.intercall.com.  The phone number for Intercall's customer service is (800) 374-2441.  If you need technical assistance at any point during the registration or viewing of our webcasts, please click here and select "Open a Case."       


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NOTICE: The opinions expressed during training and in our resources are our own. They do not reflect the views or positions of any federal, state, or local government authority. We do not provide any legal advice regarding specific cases or circumstances pending before any of our customers. Legal advice should be obtained from the civil rights office of the Federal funding agency, or your Equal Opportunity (EO) leadership.