Equal Opportunity is the Law

Mediation is a process where all parties to a dispute agree to attempt to resolve their issues together with the assistance of a third party neutral (the mediator). Mediation offers a forum for parties to express their positions, try to understand the opposing party's position, and generate possible solutions to their problems. Unlike a formal court setting, where rules of evidence and procedure are applied and remedies are limited to those provided by law, mediation allows the parties to craft creative solutions that may resolve the issues, but would have been beyond the authority of a court to order.

Prior to accepting any matter for mediation, each party to the dispute must execute a "Consent To Mediate" form. To request a copy of this form, or for additional information, contact us at info@titleviconsulting.com. A fee of $175.00 per hour, with a four hour minimum, is charged for mediation services.

Ms. Foster also serves as an independent civil rights expert who is available to assist parties to mediation reach an acceptable resolution of their dispute. 

NOTICE: The opinions expressed during training and in our resources are our own. They do not reflect the views or positions of any federal, state, or local government authority. We do not provide any legal advice regarding specific cases or circumstances pending before any of our customers. Legal advice should be obtained from the civil rights office of the Federal funding agency, or your Equal Opportunity (EO) leadership.